Wild Bunch

June 9th, 2021

Matthias Warnung is committed to non-conformity, he is not restricted by the wine law, any certifications or the term natural wine. For him there is only one way to make wine. The work that happens in the vineyard should get into the bottle as unadulterated as possible.

His latest release, a series called Wild Bunch, is a reinterpretation of the process of winemaking. Traditional wines produced with a different process. The wine labels only display a very simple description of the process itself and the needed legal information. As a contrast to the simple typographic design we created a set of raw and wild textures which are overprinted in gold over the whole label. This combination of a classic layout and the experimental patterns perfectly resamples Matthias Mission for this series: reinterpreting the process of traditional winemaking with new a new and experimental approach.

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