Estudio Cariño



We are a micro studio made up of only two people: José Pablo Salazar and Arantxa Macías who work from somewhere in Guadalajara, Mexico. We like the dimension of our studio because we can pay attention to the entire work process, from dealing with the client to production details on the pieces we make for identities that we develop.

We like to keep in mind the idea that design should be something fun, something that causes a pleasant surprise to everyone who have an interaction with it.

We always look for a way to steal a smile from the users of our projects. 🙂

How do you describe your work?

We like to think that our work is in a certain way chameleonic, I mean, we try to adapt the style and aesthetics in each project we develop.

We are constantly filling our eyes with different references to be able to propose things that are more and more visually rich.

We seek not to stay with the same design style. We like to be slightly daring in our proposals, use unexpected resources or give them a touch of humor to give our projects a distinctive mark.

We always keep in mind the real experiences of the users, how will they really interact with the brand? What reaction are we going to provoke in them? What will they say about this product? Will we get them to share their experience with this brand?

These are the questions that we are always asking ourselves in each project we develop. Our goal is that in a meeting of friends, someone can share the experience they had with one of our projects, that they can express themselves in a pleasant way about our work. In other words, we want to make our users’ day.

A designer o studio you admire?

This list can be endless. We admire many designers and studios, but we will talk about the ones that have really caught our attention lately:

Heavy: We could say that it is one of our favorite studios of all time because we know them closely, we know the talent, affection and passion that permeate their work and above all because they are very good friends. <3

Enrique Puerto: Besides being a good friend of ours too, we think he’s too talented a designer who has a very peculiar and fun way of branding.

Sociedad Anónima: It is a Mexican studio that we admire for the freshness and authenticity of their projects, they always surprise us with each project they carry out.

Mariela Mezquita: We love her work, we believe that she have a human, almost spiritual style in each project, and that’s a plus to us in these times. Besides this, all of their projects have a fresh feel that makes them smile.

Karla Heredia: Her work always makes sense in our heads, she always manages to communicate very specific things in a very wise and different way. We love her work 🙂

Demande Speciale: We admire this studio because it is also made up of only two people and because for us they are a definition of “contemporary design”.

Caserne: This studio always makes us scream: DAMN! They did it again!

Among many others.

Could you tell us about any of your projects?

La China is a brand of artisanal sauce in Guadalajara. It is a very special project for us because we did it for a friend of ours. The sauce was the project that helped her with the pandemic crisis, for which she had specific requirements and limitations such as: few inks, simple cuts and economical printing. It was a challenge that we liked because it forced us to solve the project with few resources. We created a concept around the brand which is that love hurts, like spice, but you can’t live without either of them. So we created a context in which it is better to cry for spice than to cry for love.

After all, the sauce was a hit. The people who consumed it understood the concept perfectly, so much so that they start to recommend it.

Our friend found stability during the pandemic thanks to this project, it was super gratifying for us to know that we were able to help her with our design proposal.


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