July 22nd, 2021

Nature is the source of all life. We are surrounded by nature and we yearn for its presence. It’s a symbol of inner peace, a place where we can reflect on what’s important and what’s not. For Luminous Design Group, the goal was to amalgamate the two worlds that harmoniously come together through their connection with organic matter: the museum itself and the restaurant, as a natural continuation of the exhibition space. That’s how they came up with the name NATU. The logo echoes this symbiotic relationship, as its dual meaning can be interpreted either as a plant or as a candlestick, thus capturing the essence of the museum and the restaurant.

The finesse that is ubiquitous at the restaurant can be found throughout our design approach of the menu and the business cards. The color palette merges with the handmade typography in order to suggest a fresh and elegant look & feel that is characteristic of the organic element of nature. The illustration of the menu is plain simple just as the existence of flora and fauna, thus referring to the pure nature of the ingredients and the handmade process of the preparation. The visual identity stands out for its uniqueness, teasing the visitors for the diverse experience that awaits them at the restaurant.

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