Muscat & Limnio

July 7th, 2021

Lemnos, an island renowned since antiquity for its viticulture, has until today, managed to produce wines of exceptional quality with its varieties, firstly “Limnio” and later “Muscat of Alexandria”. The privately owned Garalis winery, situated in the heart of the largest wine growing zone, produces and bottles these two premium varieties of wine, with the greatest devotion and artistry, from organically cultivated grapes.

The idea behind the packaging design of “Muscat” white wine comes from the distinctive features of Lemnos with its low vines that are lashed by northeasterly gales. The colour gold was chosen for the grapes and the wind to emphasize their value and to stress the necessity of the combination of both. ​​​​​​​

The design concept of Limnio red wine was based on the shape of the typical traditional “gouves” of Lemnos. These were underground carved out rocks, used by vintners for the fermentation of must, and sealed with round slates. The colour gold was chosen here to highlight the value of the wine.

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