June 28th, 2021

FOR CHILL is a low-alcohol sparkling tea wine brand created by AB InBev (China). It hopes to bring you a relaxing and comfortable drinking experience, and a floating sense of freedom. Based on such philosophy, Low Key Design created the “Floating Star Residents Fooki’‘ illustration image. They live in a weightless floating city enjoying all the daily urban life such as music, sports and lying around.

Dressed in various colors, Fookis, generally leading a serious yet leisurely life, are free to empty the brain with valves on top. Despite the shortage of vitality, Fookis are not restricted to behave at will and entertain themselves in the state of weightlessness, which coincides with the spirit of FOR CHILL — Chill the metropolitan life with some wine and more liberty.

Made from concentrated tea powder extracted from natural tea leaves, the FOR CHILL Sparkling Tea Wine brings you a surprising blend of tea and wine, which enjoys unlimited application to anything. On this floating planet, nothing is impossible. Rules and regulations and fixed rigidity are not welcome among the floating dwellers, who on the contrary claim a life of [more floating, more freedom].

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