Bianca Sciuto

May 16th, 2021

Brunswick-based designer Bianca Sciuto explores the intersection of interior, spatial and object design through her creative practice. When approached to create an identity for Bianca, we were inspired to push the boundaries of a conventional identity to create something that would reflect her experimental approach.

Moving away from the idea of what a logo is or should be, the typographic component of the identity revolves around the application of various letter widths, meaning each time the brand appears it is made from a unique combination of letters. The bold typography is contrasted with visual elements taken from within Bianca’s work, applied as a pattern to tissue papers and stickers. This creates a brand experience that can be tailored depending on the application; from object packaging to client correspondence.

The website we created melds the different elements of Bianca’s practice, literally overlaying imagery of her work with the accompanying text. Inviting interaction and exploration, the visual components can be moved to reveal the text underneath, making different arrangements or groupings with the imagery.

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