Scott Carroll

United Kingdom


I am a 2017 graduate from Sheffield Institute of Arts who is based in U.K with an interest in all things branding.

How do you describe your work?

The work I produce is very research led, every brand identity I create has a purpose behind the mark, the typeface used, the colours used and it has to communicate with the audience. As much as I love making work that is pleasing on the eye I also have to have work that is to be understood, work that has values, it’s about impact.

A designer o studio you admire?

I am very inspired by the work of SomeOne, a designing agency in London. They create brand worlds which go above and beyond, they produce identities that’s communicate with the people. It’s pushing something further to have fun and be playful. They inspire the way I work to have purpose but to create impact.

Only in Manchester also inspire the simplicity of my work, refined clean cut branding, easy on the eye with a clever message behind their work.

Could you tell us about any of your projects?

Creating the Fresh Awards Identity it was all about refreshing the image of a design platform, bringing something new to the table. I noticed other platforms didn’t celebrate work visually so I wanted to create a brand that was dynamic and forever changing. Each winner of 10 disciplines become the face of the brand for 1 year, before refreshing when the new winners are announced. I wanted the winners to feel connected with Fresh, and not just have a trophy that gathers dust on a shelf.


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