Parámetro Studio is a design practice directed by Vanessa Santos and Cristina Arreola based in Monterrey (Mexico) and operating worldwide. Founded to provide a fresh contemporary vision on design that challenges the standards and pushes creativity forward. We offer Art Direction, Brand Identity and Consultancy services for clients in all fields. Our approach is based on visual and conceptual exploration perfomed by an interdisciplinary team with a unique sense on current culture. The Studio engages in collaborations with a talented network of artists and designers in order to create work that stands on the forefront of visual culture.

How do you describe your work?

We are detail oriented. We don’t follow trends. We aim to create purposeful, timeless design. We want our work to be influential and a significant reference in the future.

A designer o studio you admire?

There are so many great studios out there, it’s hard to pick one or even a few. But here are some we really like, off the top of our heads:

—Homework: We admire their clean, luxurious, Scandinavian aesthetic.
—New Studio: They have a very distinct point of view and we admire the way they push boundaries.
—Pangram Pangram Foundry: Love the originality, great care and attention to detail they provide for all their typefaces.

Could you tell us about any of your projects?

Briochels is a brunch and after-office bistro located in the northeast Mexican city of Saltillo. Inspired by the ubiquitous and fashionable brunch establishments in New York City, Briochels is a bustling success and the first of its kind in this small, up-and-coming city.

The identity is a tribute to its menu’s main ingredient: the egg. Quirky but elegant egg shapes can be found throughout the brand’s stationery, menu and packaging.

Although pink and red are the color palette’s primary colors, especially for brunch and lunch, they are accompanied by deeper tones for the evening after-office drinks and dinner. The typographic palette is a soft, classy medley of serif fonts with French character.


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