Lorenza Liguori



I grew up in a really small town in the South of Italy, where the only options were the typical studies, such as Law, Medicine, etc. So I decided to move to a bigger city where I studied Economics. It took me two years of studying and many tears to realize that I had something different in me, something I’ve probably always known since I was a kid: art.

I indeed used to paint, sketch and draw to express my emotions, but that wasn’t it, that wasn’t the thing my heart beat for. Thus when I finally found out about Graphic Design, I also found the real artist in me: all that digital stuff and the 3D works were the best way to express myself.

How do you describe your work?

At first I used to be inspired by the ‘’glitch art’’, the digital art and the vaporwave current. After a while and a bit of learning, practicing and challenging myself, I decided to improve my work by creating something original and something that would say to the world ‘’that’s Lorenza Liguori’s work’’. In order to do that my main inspiration comes from the underground world, music and fashion. The outlines of my style are on one hand the colors: I usually juxtapose black to bright colors; on the other hand I try to harmonize the different graphic elements to create something simple but ‘’wow’’ to the eye.

A designer o studio you admire?

There are many sources of inspiration in my world, but my favorite artist and creative mind is Mirko Borsche. I love the simplicity with which he succeeds in expressing innovation. All that is done by him, 2 or 3 years later becomes a trend. He is light years ahead!

Could you tell us about any of your projects?

The favorite project is my degree final project: COSEBRUTTE (bad things). My research was born from the curiosity to try and redeem different concepts of ugliness, to look at them from a perspective devoid of cultural impositions and appreciate its social content, human and historical, that exist in them. I don’t know whether the objective of beauty or ugliness exists, but what I discovered is that if we have the courage to look beyond, underneath the surface of these characteristics, there is an interesting story.

Ugliness has always been considered the shadow of beauty, his evil twin brother. In modern times, it turns out that in nature if there is something ugly, it mixes up with the beautiful. The ugly then becomes an aesthetic category of modernity.

Anyway my main advice to myself evrytime i start a work is to have an open mind and in doing so: not to simply learn from the university, but to learn from other sources: to use programs other then the Adobe ones and to learn to use (why not by yourself?) different 3D or web development programs as well as different print techniques and more traditional design, an interest in all creative fields (such as music), so we have a wider cultural beam and have more tools to realize their ideas.


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