L’atelier Irradié



L’atelier Irradié is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded in 2016 by brothers Alain and Laurent Vonck. It brings visual and conceptual solutions in the fields of graphic design, art direction, and digital design. L’atelier skills express on branding, graphical systems, publications, digital interfaces for a variety of clients, whether public or private, established brands or startups, always with the same intellectual curiosity and passion.

How do you describe your work?

Our work is very colorful and playful. We often create a variety of patterns to be used by our clients. They are abstract, graphic and geometric with sometimes a digital feeling. We are also passionate about typography so we try to create standout compositions that is a mix with type design and patterns.

A designer o studio you admire?

We are very interested by net-art and the work of artists like Rafael Rozendal, Adam Ferriss and Felipe Pantone. We like to create in our work patterns and textures that are coming from an unsual used of softwares or compressed files and glitch like in net art.

Could you tell us about any of your projects?

We can talk about our visual identity which express our love for bright colors. L’Atelier Irradié identity leans on the french word “irradié” signification which means light spreading. Whether it be through different printing method of stationery, website animations, until the page layout, the design brings up the light spreading, color and its radiation from the centre. The business cards plays with the idea of light through the holographic and iridescent foil and the shadows at he back with debossing.
We are also very happy with the work we’ve done for Nike eve­­nt «Le Quartier». It took place in the 19th district of Paris and the various artworks we created were used in the revamped space of Gymnase Jean Jaurés. We developed patterns and abstract graphics related to the game with a color palette that represent France and the French flag but also happens to represent USA and the NBA.


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