We are Human Brand Strategy, an independent design firm founded by Alejandro Flores, established in 2016.

Our work focuses on helping brands and companies develop an identity that allows them to act more competitively within their markets, building the behavior and tone of communication most favorable to their interests and relationships with their users.

We offer branding services in a wide spectrum, from architecture to visual identity, packaging, web design and interior design, in which all aspects are carefully optimized to deliver a functional project that establishes the desired positioning and increases the value of the client’s company.

Our work has been published nationally and internationally in design books and magazines from México, Europe and Asia. We have also have had the great satisfaction of exhibiting pieces at international design fairs such as Wanted Design in New York, Ventura Lambrate at the Milan Design Week and Zona Maco in Mexico City.

We see these acknowledgments also as an award to our great clients for the invaluable trust they bestow upon us.

Finally we count on our own in house print shop, where our team carefully supervises our printing process in order to produce high-end prints that will yield optimal results.

Our philosophy:
—Humans shape our planet.
—Design shapes humans.
—Design is our legacy.
—By Human for humans

How do you describe your work?

We always start a project with a solid concept; this is a crucial part of our work. The concept creates a narrative, making the link between brand and user, where the user relates and identifies; this is what makes our work functional, comprehensive and measurable.

Once we have a solid concept, we start working on the graphic image, which is sought to be attractive, memorable and timeless; we then implement the brand on captivating and tailor-made applications.

A designer o studio you admire?

Mr. Lance Wyman. The way he conceptualizes, and his deep understanding and representation of local culture.

His work for the 1968 Olympics is almost 50 years old, and still is celebrated as one of the best brandings ever achieved.

We had the great fortune of taking a branding course with him, and one advice he personally gave us was: “good branding is like a good joke, if you have to explain it, it doesn’t work”. An advice since then, we use everytime.

Could you tell us about any of your projects?

One of our favorite projects is “Caral Arquitectos”. The client approached us with the need to position his company quickly in the guild of architecture, since after several years of working for other firms, it was time to start his.

The project started with the concept: The Caral civilization, was located in the valley of the Supe, to the north of Peru. It is attributed an antiquity of 5000 years and is considered the oldest civilization in America and cradle of architecture in this continent. Under this premise we proposed the name for the architecture firm. Its logo as well as the entire identity have a vertical line at 120 degrees, alluding to the degree of distribution of the buildings in the Caral complex, a fine line that emphasizes in a subtle and elegant way their sense of legacy and timeless projects.

We created a modern identity but with a sense of belonging, and a strong vision to the future of the company. It was our first project with strong exposure.


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