Founded in 2008, Futura is a creative studio based in Mexico City, hellbent on disrupting traditional forms of design and trying to change the way design is developed and consumed in Mexico.

How do you describe your work?

We pride ourselves in creating different, versatile and bold brands. Our work is the result of constant experimentation, we believe in creativity among everything else and how it can be translated not only into images, but also objects and spaces. Our ethos is making perfection meet chaos.

A designer o studio you admire?

It’s really hard to name just one designer, In the studio we really admire the work of creative minds that range from modernists architects like Walter Gropius to contemporary artists like James Turrell. Usually we look for inspiration in other branches of design.

Could you tell us about any of your projects?

We have recently worked with one of the first online banking platforms in Mexico, Fondeadora. It was a really interesting project for us because we were very in synch with them in terms of the ideology behind the project as well as the direction we wanted to give it. Fondeadora is a reaction to traditional banking and its out dated structure. The whole Identity was built around the concept of disruption, representing transparency through brutality and directness, to generate trust in a generation that is dissatisfied with banks.

The identity in general represents the aesthetics of banking institutions, intervened with a black crossouts, to rebel against the system’s lack of transparency and cater to people that are looking for a change.


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