Daniel Peter



My name is Daniel Peter. I’m a graphic designer and art director based in Bern, Switzerland. I create visual concepts for culture, art, music and advertising. I do graphic design, typography, editorial, interaction and webdesign, motion, object and exhibition design. Other activities consist of lectures and workshops. I also like and make music, hiking and well done furniture.

I was recently part of Studio Feixen, worked at Velvet, Raffinerie, Thonik, Hi and I was one of the founders of the Detective Bureau, a Lucerne based studio alliance of graphic designers and illustrators.

Since 2017 I work fully independent as a designer in my own studio.

How do you describe your work?

I like to keep my design simple, loud and give it a touch of traditional Swiss accuracy. I make bold decisions and tell narrative stories through design, typography and shapes.

A designer o studio you admire?

It is difficult to name one! There are so many good designers around. I like design blowing the boundaries, and if no one knows either it’s graphic design, art, politics or new media experiences. Recently I’ve visited an interesting exhibition in Tallinn about new areas in graphic design with political scarfs, sound experience and hand crafted items. Graphic design can open new horizons.

Could you tell us about any of your projects?

As a graphic designer I realize a lot of printed matter. Although I like to work on books or posters I am delighted to face new fields in design.

I curated and designed exhibitions for the Weltformat posterfestival in Lucerne.

For the interior design about Korean posters I did a fine construction with small pieces of wooden laths and strings, placed in the middle of the room. For the exhibition about the Rote Fabrik in Zurich, I built some furniture. Keeping an eye on different fields enriches my work in many ways.


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