Andrés Higueros



My name is Andrés Higueros, a graphic designer based in Guatemala city. Currently, I work in an independent studio and also work as freelance. I’m dedicated to create and refresh brands, editorial design and typography design. My goal as a designer is not to create “nice” things,  but to create visually aesthetic and functional elements that communicate a concept, solve a problem and make the design meaningful to the target group. I’m a typelover so I tray to make the best use of it in any piece. Design is part of my life, it’s a lifestyle , more than a daily work.

The things that I’ve learned as a designer are because I like to research and read about design and trends, analyze design cases and experience a lot about typography, logos, icons, editorials, graphics, etc. I think that for a designer is very important to be updated on how the design is changing, how the design is acting in other countries and not only in its “bubble” or in its country because we can close our minds to the things we “know” and It becomes a comfort zone. We have to get out of this. Learn how the power of design can persuade people. As Paula Scher says in her episode of the Netflix series “Abstract”: “Designers have to understand personality and human behavior to design”. It is very important to know all this and more to grow as a designer and professional.

How do you describe your work?

I don’t like to close my work in a style or a trend. I think my work is a functional design with a solid concept to communicate. All the decisions in my designs have a why and a functionality. Decisions solve the need and the main concept. In general, each project is different. I like to give their personality and the essence to each one. Normally, I like to use a lot the typography and keep a simple and clean style. However, as I said before, each project takes his own way. Some proyects could be designs with big typographys, others textures, others icons, etc. I’m not designer who is locked in a specific trend. I always try to give my projects something innovative and different. In my branding projects, I like to combine them and give them an editorial touch. I believe that the bases of editorial design are present in all types of design and you can see the difference when it is used.

A designer o studio you admire?

There are a lot studios, designers, type foundries I admire. If we talk about the designers legends, I think Massimo Vignelli was the most influence designer in all the time. I love the way that he saw the design and the way he resolved the visual problems. He was a great example about how use in a good way the typography and the influence that he has in the design world. He  have a lot of impact on the creative scene.Paula Scher, is the most influencer woman designer too. I follow her work and all the things that she make in her studio Pentagram. I love the way that they use the typography and all the studio and the concept strategy that is behind of all the big brands that they design. This is very inspiring for me. Other studio that i admire is Futura, in Mexico City. I enjoy following their work, i think is great the way that they create the brands, the style that they given them and if you see their work, you can see and the feel the concept and the personality of each project. If we talk about the editorial design, i can mention de Atlas studio in Spain. I thing them work is very nice and the work that the did with the editions of the Elephant Magazine was amazing. The use of the grid, colors, typography and all the elements of editorial design was very influencial for me. There are so many good designers and studios in all the world that are very important to know and I really enjoy research about them work.

Could you tell us about any of your projects?

This is difficult question, but I’m going to talk about my contribution to the 4th Edition of the 36 days of type.

Last year, i decided to take the challenge to made the 36 days of type. It’s a difficult challenge but satisfying. Everyday you force yourself to experiment new techniques, colors, textures, shapes and make something different. My project was inspired in the geometric figures and the abstract and illusory effects. My alphabet plays with textures and colors creating a uniques shapes forming each letter and number. The challenge is very interesting, this allow to grown a lot as designer because the experience is very nice, people from all over world begin to follow and know you work, and you start to create new contacts and follow and discover the work of other designers and studios.

This project in the personal way, was ver important to me because it open a lot of door of work, many people knew my work and that as designer make you grown and create a different perspective of cultures and ways of seeing the design. Is a personal project that you have to do, is difficult because is a challenge but I’m sure you’re going to enjoy.


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