Monday 28

June 16th, 2021

Monday 28 is a fashion concept store Sicily based. It consist of men’s and woman fashion apparel and a section dedicated to housewares and electronics with a cozy industrial-white interior design that researches and selects the best possible goods that would suit the customer’s needs, making their live an innovative and engaging shopping experience and cooperating with a vast number of worldwide brands.

Monday 28 is also a global promoter and supporter of fashion design. We are honored to introduce designer’s finest collection and their untold stories. We aim to satisfy even the most exigent fashion trend and give support to our designer in their escalation to fame, by making their limited edition collection available on our platform.

The graphic of a forward-moving arrow was the starting point of the visual communication strategy, clearly resonating with the core role of IT infrastructure — becoming the bloodstream of every modern company and ultimately keeping businesses moving forward. The arrow graphic was confidently incorporated at the center of various print and digital media, resulting in an engaging and sophisticated design system with a professional tone.

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