Krossing Over Arts Festival 2019

May 17th, 2021

For each modern company, the process of digitization is becoming more important than ever. In the era of global digitalization, it’s crucial to have a professional and reliable partner who can act as an independent advisor to support IT decisions and ensure that the IT infrastructure always provides a solid basis for current business and future strategies. Purevirtual AG, in addition to transparent and open-ended consulting, also provides the option of having the optimal IT infrastructure for your business, implemented and managed directly by competent experts and experienced consultants.

In close collaboration with the founder and the managing directors of Purevirtual AG, the first step was to understand the core of the business and identify positioning opportunities.

After intensive discovery, we decided to narrow down and emphasize the Purevirtual harmonized approach between consulting and operations, resulting in stability, efficiency and growth opportunities for the partner companies.

The graphic of a forward-moving arrow was the starting point of the visual communication strategy, clearly resonating with the core role of IT infrastructure — becoming the bloodstream of every modern company and ultimately keeping businesses moving forward. The arrow graphic was confidently incorporated at the center of various print and digital media, resulting in an engaging and sophisticated design system with a professional tone.

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