Inside Muses

May 23rd, 2021

Characterised as a Muse by the Sea, K11 MUSEA is more than just a retail mall. It is a cultural destination located in East Tsim Sha Tsui, overlooking Hong Kong’s spectacular skyline. Contemporary art and design are advocated throughout the retail and dining experience creating a vibrant space that brings each visitor on a sensory adventure. Preface to the unique retail concept, Inside Muses is a publication created to feature pieces from the four muses within K11 MUSEA: Architecture, Furniture, Nature and Art.

Reflecting the spirit of discovery, Inside Muses is designed to evoke an explorative and engaging experience through an unconventional book format. Each reader is led to embark on a journey of uncovering new perspectives at every physical turn per chapter. Through storytelling, the narratives of the various muses are accompanied by intricate illustrations and vivid photography that bring to life the marvels of K11 MUSEA. Referencing the K11 brand and logo, circle graphics on the cover represent the sensuous spheres of the four muses. Both regular and executive editions of the book are exquisitely crafted to depict the fine quality of K11 MUSEA. The regular edition is assembled with intricately hand sewn binding while the executive hardcover edition is encased in a premium crystal acrylic box, reminiscent of vitrines displaying objets d’art. The unique reading experience of Inside Muse draws elements of surprise, igniting curiosity as readers are encouraged to journey through adventure and discovery in K11 MUSEA.

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