June 8th, 2021

This may look like something from a sci-fi movie, but it is not. It is very real. Denim manufacturer Azgard9 has developed a sustainable garment that produces Oxygen, in what is seen by the brand as the “garment of the future”.

The garment, that is in reality a poncho [CO2AT], was produced as part of Azgard9’s recent repositioning “Future Before Fashion”, focused on the development of products and solutions with low impact on the environment. Developed in partnership with Post Carbon Lab, in London, the CO2AT is a living being. Its hoodie is treated with microbial pigmentation, so actually behaving like a plant by using photosynthetic microorganisms – a process by which plants take in carbon dioxide and turn it into glucose and oxygen.

Therefore, during its life cycle it releases oxygen, improving the immediate environment of the wearer, due to its living cells coating. It is ‘carbon negative’ while, as a living piece that is kept as such, it will continue to make photosynthesis, producing oxygen and, thus, eventually compensating for the CO2 generated during the production of the remaining fabric, as it produces approximately the same amount of O2 as an oak tree.

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