May 16th, 2021

Bosshe Hair is a supplement brand specialized in hair care. Their products use very high quality ingredients with advanced manufacturing technologies.

Their products contain TRIKOR IDS, a technology that mixes natural oils, vitamins in microspheres with a variety of nutrients. The supplement allows an absorption that maximizes its bioavailability to achieve favorable and long-lasting results.

We design a visual system that reflects the clinical and technological sense of the brand. The logo communicates a futuristic feeling by embracing the organic side of the product.

For packaging, we focused on the brand honesty by designing labels with gradients and windows that allow you to see the inside of the container and the product. The information on the label exposes all the ingredients of the product without hiding any of them.

Structured layouts were key to displaying and organizing all the necessary information, accompanied by icons, making the packaging and labels easy to read and the website easy to navigate and understand, which at the same time helps the user through the shopping experience.

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